My name is Sarah Chopra and I am a mum first, wife second (sorry hubby!), naturopath, foodie and a very part time blogger living in Perth, Western Australia.

It took me 6 years of procrastination to start my studies to become a naturopath and another 8 years on top of that to finish my degree. Of course I had to do it the hard way and have all of my children while studying. But once I started studying I realised that I enjoy it immensely and the one thing I love about my field is the fact that you can keep on studying and learning more.

Just a few things about me to get the ball rolling:

  • I try not to take myself too seriously.
  • I enjoy a good coffee.
  • My biggest problem is that I want to do EVERYTHING!
  • I started roller-skating at the mere age of 38.
  • My daily meditation is feeding and caring for my pet chickens and rabbits.
  • I am a very visual person- so you will find lots of pictures here!
  • ¬†All of the conditions shown on this website I have had (or still working on!).

You probably noticed that my website does not have a huge list of ailments that I treat, this is because I have learnt to stream line as a have got older. Not saying that I don’t know much on other topics, it just keeps my time management skills in check and helps you because I have researched the bajeebers out of something!

I will be sharing more about my story in my blog pages, so I will not bombard you too much in one session. But I do hope you enjoy this site!

Best wishes,

Sarah C