All About Stool Testing

I’m extremely excited to present to you today’s episode, where I chat to Dr. Jason Hawrelak on the ins and outs of stool testing.

This episode will not only benefit the public, but also practitioners who would like to know the latest developments of stool testing, and what measurable markers are required that will give accurate results for treatment.

Jason and I discuss what tests are covered by the Australian Medicare system, and how advances in technology has improved the accuracy of stool testing results.


About Dr. Jason Hawrelak……………..


Jason is a probiotic researcher, educator, naturopath, nutritionist and western herbalist with more than 15 years of clinical experience. Jason did his honours and PhD degrees in the area of intestinal dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome and the clinical applications of pre and probiotics, and his list of publications are as long as my arm.

Dr. Hawrelak has taught health professionals at both undergraduate and postgraduate, and he currently co-ordiantes and teaches the Evidence based complementary medicine program in the school of Medicine at the University of Tasmania in Australia and is also lectures in Portland ,Oregon.

Jason also practices at Goulds Naturopathica in Hobart, Tasmania where focuses on treating gastrointestinal conditions, both acute and chronic- such as Crohn’s disease, pepetic ulcer disease and intestinal parasites to name a few.


About the author……………

Sarah Chopra is a naturopath who is passionate about gut health. Her own personal health journey has lead her to specialise in Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Sarah has her own practice, and noticed that conditions, differences in diagnostic testing, and unanswered questions kept arising among her patients.

This is the reason why ‘The GUT Guru’ has been established. Not only to satisfy Sarah’s own curiosity, but to educate the public on what can make negative and positive changes on your gut health.




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