Bloated Belly Blues

In my younger years I used to have an ironing board stomach (actually the ironing board look went up to my collar bone). And the words ‘muffin top’ were not something that I resonated with. That was until I had my 3rd child, and I just had to look at food for my stomach to inflate like a balloon.

I do believe that there has been muscle weakness in that area and this has been a reason for my relaxed tummy look, but the biggest cause was because I had SIBO.

SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. And it means just that the gut bacteria that should be in your large colon, are now playing happy families in your small intestine.

So what does this have to do with bloated tummies???

A lot actually. It now means that the bacteria that are in your small intestine are out of balance. And these new kids on the block love feeding off the food we eat. Mostly carbs!

So when they have also relished in the pasta you just ate, so are the unwelcomed bacteria. And they then release gases after eating, which then causes your tummy to also fill up with air and look bloated!

The foods that mostly trigger a bloated belly are:

– bread, crackers, biscuits, cakes. Anything with wheat and gluten.

– milk, cream, soy, cheese

– alcohol

– refined sugars, sweeties, lollies etc.

– additives and preservatives


Other symptoms of SIBO are:

– constipation and/or diarrhoea

– food intolerances



-acne Rosacea and other skin conditions

To treat a bloated belly naturally you can eliminate the unwanted bacteria by using herbal antibiotics; and avoid foods that feed the bacteria until the gut lining heals and the cause of your SIBO has been rectified.

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