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Grain free

Lunch box friendly raw balls

If you are following either a GAPS or paleo diet, snack options can be difficult at first. This combination has been a staple in our house and can easily be doubled in quantity or include cacao nibs, sesame seeds or any fancy powders you may […]

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Green is my favourite colour

If you didn’t know me well enough you would think that the comment that I am about to make sounds a little diva-ish….not in the extreme cases of ‘I only like the brown M & M’s thanks’ (was that Brittney?). But in the temperature of […]

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What’s in your almond milk?

              Since starting on the GAPS/paleo diet this year, our consumption of almonds has increased considerably. As a family we probably consume on average 3 kg of almonds every fortnight. This would not include the amount of almonds that […]

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