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P For Pyrolles

Pyroluria/Pyrolles is a genetic conditionĀ or a result of high oxidative stress when your body produces high levels of kryptopyrolles in the urine. Kryptopyrolles is a natural occurring by product when your body is making haemoglobin and the problem that is causes is that vitamin B6 […]

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Fermentation Workshop

The benefits of fermentation has become well known in the health industry. Fermentation improves digestion, increase your gut flora (the good bugs in your tummy) and will give your immunity a reboot! And yes……..they taste fantastic too! This ‘hands on’ fermentation workshop will take you […]

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Juice Deliveries- Perth

I’m not talking micro-breweries, I’m talkin’ about HEALTHY juices being delivered to your door!! Why not lead by example and get freshly made juices delivered to your staff on a Friday, instead of beers and chips? Thinking of that juice cleanse you wanted to do, […]

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