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I do enjoy the Easter break. For me, I like the change of weather, the extra time with family and the feeling that I don’t need to be anywhere.

But for some (mostly the little people of this world), it will involve chocolate Easter eggs. As a parent, I am aware of the thrill of receiving Easter eggs and imagining a large rabbit delivering those eggs. But as always, my children seem to receive ‘quite a few’ chocolate eggs leading up to Easter without me being involved at all!

Over the past week my children have received eggs from their teachers, friends, after school programmes and had the odd Easter egg hunt……I don’t want to be a stick in the mud, but I jokingly said to my oldest daughter that the Easter bunny didn’t need to come now because they have received more than enough. Fortunately, my kids are used to receiving one small egg. Every year I take the opportunity of the changing weather and buy them each a pair of new winter pyjamas and warmer clothing.

We try to control our external influences as much as we can, but I know it can be difficult, especially if you have diet restrictions! The GAPS diet has definitely gone out the window in the last week because of this. Yes- I could have not let them participate in any Easter egg hunt and yes I could have spoken to the teacher to not give my children Easter eggs, but you don’t want your child to feel left out. So instead, I have tired to turn a blind eye, educate my children on listening to their bodies on how they feel AFTER they have gauged themselves on eggs and focus on my internal influences.

So instead of buying the Easter bunny that is 99c from a supermarket, I will spend that little extra money and buy them an egg that has a Fairtrade logo on it, so I know it has been ethically produced and money has gone back to the farmer to help assist with future harvesting and growing of the cocoa bean.








There are more recipes these days on making your own chocolate Easter eggs. And the benefit of this is that you know what is going in your chocolate egg and it will not contain the extra additives and preservatives that processed chocolate has in it.

Cocoa or cacao?

The difference between the two is that cocoa is roasted at high temperatures and will unfortunately loose it’s health benefits during this process because the enzymes have been ‘denatured’ or altered. Therefore, the cacao bean is extracted from an unroasted cocoa bean and will still have all of its enzymes intact including all of its beneficial phytochemicals.

Quirky Jo has some great recipes on her blog that is specially dedicated to people on special diets such as GAPS or gluten free- its worth having a look!

Have a great Easter!






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