-Are you registered?

Yes, I am registered with Australian Natural Therapies Association. I abide by their policies and regulations and my Senior First Aid Certificate is regularly updated. I am currently applying for my Working with Children (WWC) card.

-Do you have Private Health Fund rebates?

Yes, I am registered with most major Australian Private Health Funds. You can always contact me to check if your particular health fund is on my list.

-Where do your consultations take place?

At the moment my consultations take place in my private home. The initial consultation needs to be taken face to face if you are making a private health fund claim or I need to meet the requirements of my ‘practitioner only’ suppliers. Otherwise, I can easily implement a Skype consultation.

-Will I need to make diet changes?

I think no one has the ‘perfect diet’ and we don’t need to put added pressure on our selves to have the perfect diet either. But, generally changes are required. I try for the little changes first and then slowly add to this. I have often spoken to people in the past that have been so overwhelmed with the changes their naturopath has made that they feel so overwhelmed that they end up making no changes at all. Food changes can be scary for some people, especially when other family members are eating different foods. All of these external forces and hurdles are looked at during your consultation process with me.