Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride advices the FULL GAPS diet should be followed for 2 years minimum. This may seem like a long time, but your cells regenerate every 3 months, so this gives your body time to heal and be fit and healthy for returning (slowly) to a ‘normal’ diet.

As I have mentioned previously, many people start from the FULL GAPS diet and go in reverse. There are certain protocols that GAPS practitioners will take on what the best method is. An obvious reason for going on the FULL GAPS diet initially is when you may just feel overwhelmed by the diet. By going in reverse you can alleviate this somewhat.

The FULL GAPS diet is all the foods in Stage 6 (if you have started from Intro) and keep things into a routine:

  • Having your stock at least with one meal per day.

  • Keeping you juices to first thing in the morning and then mid-afternoon.

  • Having meats, fats, fermented vegetables with each meal (it’s also ok to have a veggie meal too).

  • Keeping nut breads, pancakes, fruit (sweet items) as snacks in between meals.

BUT if you have started from FULL GAPS there is a dairy introduction structure that needs to be followed. By going through the dairy introduction structure you are removing the dairy from your system and assisting your body to heal itself.

I personally have benefited greatly by adhering to the FULL GAPS diet. Yes, I have fallen off the wagon ( I think it was brie cheese!). But, I got right back on my FULL GAPS saddle and kept going.

If you would like to know more about the GAPS diet I have a ‘GAPS Gathering’ once a month that is opened to the public. The next date is always scheduled on the home page of this website. Or you can contact me by my contacts page.