GAPS consults

Certified GAPS Practitioner

Starting the GAPS protocol can be daunting and overwhelming for most people. The best advice I can give is not to rush into it. Preparation is the key for your GAPS transition and knowing you have support from your family and most of all your GAPS practitioner.

I have found that my GAPS clients all have different capabilities, have different support networks and their health journey maybe a long road ahead for some. But for others, they might be already following some sort of meal plan that has been assisting them in their healing process and already be using some of the GAPS fundamentals in their everyday life.

By choosing an experienced GAPS practitioner, you will be advised on the best starting point for you. By this I mean either starting from GAPS Intro or starting from the FULL GAPS diet. When you feel safe and supported, you will achieve many things!

When you decide to book an initial GAPS consultation with me, you will see me within my at home clinic and a full health history will be taken. This process generally takes between 1.5 – 2 hours. At the end of this session a brief physical examination is carried out, iridology and tongue and nail analysis is also completed.

I will explain the process of the GAPS diet to you and we will both decide at what stage you will be starting the diet on (FULL or INTRO). A start date is decided, because you need time to prepare your yoghurt, kefir milk, stock and ghee. A second consultation is made where I will go through any results from tests and re – visit any stages that maybe unclear. The second consultation can change in structure depending on what stage of GAPS you will be starting on.

In some situations, I might recommend you to have some diagnostic testing to be done which can provide me with further information if you need supplemental support to maximise your treatment.

There are 3 GAPS packages to choose from:
Package 1- GAPS Basics
Package 2- GAPS Nurture
Package 3- GAPS Families