Goal Setting

I bet you’ve made some new year resolutions in the past…

We all have!!!

How did you go in achieving those goals?

I must admit when I ask my clients what their health goals are; it’s pretty dam boring. They write it down, and then I have a little read, and print them out on paper for them to keep. The goals get shoved into a folder and very rarely see the light again!

Not anymore peeps!! No, no, no!!!

We need to connect with our goals and identify WHY we want to achieve them! I’m thinking I need to add in a consultation to just go through this process.

Honestly, goals generally consist of change of either adding things into our life (time management) or taking things away from our life (tends to be the things we love).

Hurdles need to be explored and action needs to be broken down into baby steps.

This month (today is the last day), I had to experience the life as a yogi (I’m currently doing my Yoga Teacher Training) and abstain from meat protein and alcohol for 1 month.

Yes, it was for an assignment (my why), but I have just come back from 6 weeks of holidays where drinking alcohol, and eating everything, was an every day sport.

So how did I tackle this challenge?

This was definitely one way to look at my ‘new’ way of eating and living. A challenge. It didn’t have to be forever. Did this make it easier on my mindset? YES!!

But I LOVE my meat? What do I cook?

Honestly, I eat meat protein at least 2-3 times a day. Not a great statistic; so I was looking forward to cutting it our for awhile. We have 1 day a week in our house that we are vegetarian (plus a few other meals here and there). So my  vegetarian dish repertoire was low.

Here’s what I did…..

I meal planned!

I grabbed every dam cook book in the house and went through EVERY page. I wrote down all the meals I liked (or I thought the family would like) and made sure I included the page number and recipe book (don’t want to be looking all through them again do we?), and then I wrote the ingredients down.

I also had a few ‘family’ favourite vegetarian meals already, so I added those to the mix.

This way I was organised. And guess what? It worked!

I also had my kids and husband on board, which made cooking so much easier. And my husband also abstained from drinking alcohol too, just for support.

So I identified my end result, my why, my hurdles and figured out a way to overcome them.

How do I feel now?

Bloody fantastic!

Yes, meat will be coming back into our life (but far less). I’m even continuing for the no drinking for a little longer too.

By making this a task for a short(ish) amount of time, made it do-able. But, it was also the right amount of time for new habits to form!!

Aren’t my yoga mentors sneaky??

Cheers to achieving goals and a healthy life (as I clink my water filled glass).


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