How to Prioritise to Maximise Your Time

Do you wish there was more time in the day?

The constant feeling that you are running from one task to the next?

Well you’re not alone……..

How many times have you heard that you need to make ‘x’ a priority in your life?

There is no point in being told what you need to prioritise, you need to work that out for yourself. And once you have, your life will get a lot easier!

As a mother, we often put our selves last; especially in the early years when your little ones are so dependant on you. We know we what we ‘should’ be doing health wise (or any other wise…), but to put it simply….it’s just not our priority right now. You would rather your child to be content and happy before you washed your hair for the first time all week.

But priorities do change, like everything.

So how do we prioritise?

Let me take you through a couple of key steps that will sort the important stuff, to the see ya later stuff.

               1.  Your Values

Your values are what is important to you and what you believe in. Many values you develop from your family environment when you were growing up, or can include life changing events or things that you are passion about.

Some common values are:

  • family unit
  • children/dependants welfare or emotional needs
  • health
  • education

These values can then be broken down into beliefs. To give you an example, one of my values is being present in my child’s life. Of course I can’t be present in everything, and I also need to consider their independence as they grow older. But one important belief that I have is that 95% of the time, myself or my husband either drop off or pick the kids up from primary school.

This has some flexibility, and things do happen. But I have turned down employment because this value would have not been kept (only because it’s important to me, no one else).

Write a list of what is important to you.

So if you take on extra work or a task that doesn’t line up with your core values and beliefs, DON’T DO IT!!

           2.   Time Management

There can be a lot going on. Between work, your kid’s school, homework, sport, after school activities and just basic eating, there doesn’t leave much time in the day for anything else. And you will be the one that suffers.

I have learnt over the years (and this by all means doesn’t make me a professional in this department).  I have the monthly calendar filled in with obvious stuff like birthdays and events that happen on a weekly basis (sport).

Then when it comes to the week ahead, I slot in anything that else comes up. THEN the night before I write down EXACTLY what I will be doing the next day (even down to the emails I will be sending). This has been such a life saver for me. If it ain’t in the diary, it doesn’t exist!

Setting up your weekly time planner can also give you the opportunity to schedule in the things that will fill your cup up. A common scenario is that women put everyone else before themselves. If your cup isn’t full, no one will come out winners.

         3.    Just say NO!

How good does it feel when you say no?

A lot of the time I really do want to help, but I just can’t physically. Putting too much on your plate will lead to exhaustion! It’s ok to say no to the busy bee at the primary school… don’t need to give a reason. My usual line is ‘unfortunately I will not be able to make it on this occasion, but please let me know of future events’. DONE!

Why do we feel we need to give a reason?

        4.      It just ain’t important!

Take a look at the big picture. Is the world going to crumble if the house doesn’t look spotless? Believe me, I totally know the world doesn’t crumble, because my house is definitely not the kind that will be in one of those Housey Deco magazines.

You know why?

Because it isn’t a priority!

I often see this in my practice; especially when new food changes have been recommended. Occasionally on the return visit, my client would have struggled with the new changes. If time management and other struggles have been covered, then the big reason why the change hasn’t happened, is because it’s not a priority for the client. They need to WANT to change.

If you would like to make positive changes in your life, but are not sure how. Contact me below and we can have a chat!

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