Intro Stage 3

Welcome to Stage 3 of the GAPS INTRO diet!

You still need to continue with the previous foods and increase your fermented foods daily. Try not just having the juice of the sauerkraut, but the cabbage too! You can also start to be a little creative with your fermented vegetables. Fermented beetroot and carrot (not together!) are family favourites.


A V O C A D O !!

Avocado is a lovely addition to your stock (it balance so nicely on top of your egg!). Filled with fibre, good oils and fats; avocado never tasted so good!

Want to mix up your meals?

You can now try some omelette or scrambled eggs. Make sure you cook them in a lot of fats. I tend to keep a block of lard in the fridge just in case I run out of my own collection of fats.

3 ingredient pancakes can be introduced- eggs, cooked courgette/zucchini and ghee- yummy!

Just to recap, you have introduced these ingredients:

  • Other fermented vegetables (beetroot/carrot)

  • avocado

  • pancakes

  • omelette/ scrambled eggs

Keep on increasing your natural probiotics of yoghurt or sour cream and make sure you have these after each meal.

Let me know how you’re feeling!