Intro Stage 4

Food choices start to get a little more exciting when you’re on Stage 4 of the INTRO diet. You still continue with previous foods, while increasing the amount of fermented foods each day.

So what’s different at Stage 4?

You can now try:

  • Roasted and grilled meats! Always make sure you are using the soft parts of the meat and not the dark parts. Just before serving you can also pour some warmed meat stock over your meat and vegetables.

  • Add cold pressed olive oil to the diet. Just start with a tiny amount and watch for any reactions.

  • Introduce fresh pressed juices! Start off with carrot juice that has been watered down (so you can almost see through the juice). Remember to start small- 1 tablespoon is plenty. Increase the volume slowly if no reaction. Juices will assist you with detoxification. have your juice when you first get up in the morning and then in the afternoon. Add a raw egg/some sour cream or coconut oil into your ‘GAPS milkshake’.

  • Add homemade nut bread! Always soak your nuts before using (add some whey if you can), as this will make them easier to digest.

  • You can start making pastries with your nuts/seeds by mixing them with ghee and fats.

There is a lot going on in this stage. With the nut bread you may want to start with just 2 different nuts. So if a reaction occurs this can narrow it down. It can be difficult to go slowly, but because you are also introducing juices to the menu it will be easier to keep track of things.