Intro Stage 5

Congratulations!! You’ve made it to Stage 5!!!

Now the REAL fun begins!!

You still continue with the previous foods, increasing fermented foods each day. As the stages progress you may find that you stay on them longer. Many people can struggle with stage 5, so don’t feel to disheartened if you have to take a few steps back and go to stage 4 again.

You can introduce the following:

  • cooked apple– stewed or baked. Start with a small amount (1 teaspoon and slowly increase). Peel the skin off to begin with, as the fibre might cause diarrhoea to some people.

  • RAW VEGETABLES– your crispy salad will never taste soooo good! Start with lettuce, then cucumber and then tomato. Watch for any salicylate reaction.

  • Increase the variety of fruit and vegetables in your juice. Add a small amount of beetroot, lettuce, spinach etc.

Remember, there is a lot going on in this stage. So always keep your food diary up to date and move back to stage 4 if you need to.