Intro Stage 6

This is the last stage of the Intro diet- STAGE 6

Continue with all of the previous foods, increasing the amount of fermented foods each day.

You can now add:

  • Raw fruit– start with a peeled apple, then pear etc. Remember go slow and small amounts. Keep fruit in between meals too.

  • Start adding more honey– now that you will be baking a little more.

  • BAKING– Baking should be kept for in between meals. Cakes, muffins all made with eggs, fats,¬†nut flours or coconut flour. Sweeten with either honey or dried fruit.

The meat/fish stock should still remain in your diet. I personally find that I still begin my day with meat and vegetables added to my meat stock with an egg, sauerkraut and avocado. But that’s me.

For the people that work; you can always have the vegetables chopped ready to go in the fridge, cook it at home and take it to work in a Thermos flask. My husband does this every morning and he saves his scrambled eggs for weekends. Another option is to have the stock in a vegetable soup and make sure you have this with at least one of your meals per day.

Once you have nailed stage 6 of the diet, you can now go on the FULL GAPS diet.