P For Pyrolles

Pyroluria/Pyrolles is a genetic condition or a result of high oxidative stress when your body produces high levels of kryptopyrolles in the urine. Kryptopyrolles is a natural occurring by product when your body is making haemoglobin and the problem that is causes is that vitamin B6 and zinc bind to kryptopyrolles and then reduces your levels of these nutrients.
Vitamin B6 and zinc are used as cofactors in many metabolic functions within the body. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, adrenalin and GABA need vitamin B6 and zinc to be synthesised. The end result is that many people with pyrolles do not cope with stress very well, may suffer from depression and is commonly linked with conditions such as ADHD and anxiety.
Testing of kryptopyrolles is relatively easy and is done by a urine sample. Collection of the sample can be the tricky part and needs to be done in a relatively dark room (as light will destroy your sample) and collection also needs to be late morning and done when you are not overly stressed (as this may give you a false positive).
If you do have a positive result, the next step is to have a blood test to indicate your zinc, unbound copper and bound copper levels. If your zinc levels are low (which they tend to be when you have pyrolles) your copper levels will be high and this within itself can lead to many symptoms. Many practitioners will also recommend having your methylation or genetic testing done as well to make sure there are no missing links- it can get to be a very costly process!
Pyroluria is becoming more common in naturopathic clinics as your local G.P will not recognise the condition and will therefore not be able to treat it. But it still does cause many friendly debates among practitioners if the condition is ‘real’ or not.
Personally, I have done the urine test and was tested positive 18 months ago. It was around the same time that I did the hydrogen breath test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) which also came back positive. I have not taken the blood test, as I felt if I treated the GUT first perhaps my symptoms of general adrenal fatigue would diminish (treat the GUT first).
In hindsight I think I manage my ‘pyrolles’ quite well. I always have my zinc/B6 capsule on hand and also have a supply of NAC to support my liver when I start to feel run down or need a little extra support.
I have included a short You Tube clip by William Walsh from The Walsh Institute. He has written a brilliant book ‘Nutrient Power’ and has had a successful history of treating people with psychological problems with nutrients. There is also a Bio-Balance conference every year on the Gold Coast in Queensland and is open to the public.
If you have pyrolles or you think you may have pryolles and you’re interested in making an appointment to have your kryptopyrolle levels tested – contact me today!

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