Pear shaped









There are certain times in your life when you have been following a particular diet and then it all goes pear shaped!

The most obvious would be:

  • sickness

  • holidays

  • emotional stress

  • diet isn’t working?

For my children, it would have to be sickness. Yes, we have had our share of the nasties in the last 3 weeks. First it was a tummy bug that decided to evacuate from their bodies in many forms and then they all picked up a ‘season change’ cold. At first I was all gunho and made every possible soup known to man (with my secret ingredient chicken stock). But they had the anti soup radar on and were not having a bar of it!

Actually, it was very difficult for me to get them to eat anything. So when they did ask for food and stood on command! What did they crave for?

Crackers and crumpets! If yellow was a food group they would definitely have that one sorted!

I did put up some resistance to begin with. But after begging them to eat their half a cup of soup for over an hour, I finally succumbed. Yes, my recycle bin did get a flurry of activity when it was filled with empty ‘processed food’ boxes and the guilt that came along with the sudden diet collapse was unbearable. I know I sound dramatic, but I did actually feel that I had failed.

So what now?

All 3 are back at school and their appetite is coming back. I have become more relaxed in my food options and still feel that wholefood is better than processed food (duh!), and that it’s OK to have a salty premium cracker with butter and cheese every now and then. My husband and I are still following the GAPS/Paleo diet and are keeping to paleo dinners at least.

The lesson I have learnt is to not be so hard on myself and our eating regime. As long as I keep building their immune system and boosting their gut health, I am happy with that.

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