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Perth’s Farmer’s Markets

There’s nothing nicer than a fresh, sunny morning at your local Farmer’s market. A place to meet friends, family and a great way to begin the weekend. Not only are you supporting local farmers and growers, you are buying fresh produce or items that have […]

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Wheat Free vs. Gluten Free

Are you confused about the difference between gluten free and wheat free? Let me give you the run down……………. All wheat items CONTAIN gluten- BUT, wheat is not found in rye, barley and oats (think flours that are used to make biscuits, pizza, pasta, crackers, […]

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Paleo Granola

            Paleo Granola Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe A great balance of vegetarian proteins, fats and a little bit of sweetness from the dried fruit and honey. CourseBreakfast CuisineGAPS meals, Paleo Servings Prep Time 10 […]

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