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We are very lucky in Perth that we have numerous amounts of yoga studios to choose from. While I have been doing my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I have somewhat become a yoga ‘hussy’. I love trying out different studios and what they have to offer. And yes, it can get a little on the expensive side.

My hussiness (not really sure that is even a word), developed because generally speaking, each studio always has a newbie offer. A newbie offer is when you will pay amount ‘x’, and then you will receive unlimited yoga sessions for one month. So this is what I have done, gone to a studio for 1 month and then moved on (unless I really fell in love with the studio). My other request was that a studio has to be close to my house. So, as much as I would love to head down to Freo for a session; it just wasn’t worth the travel (unless it was a workshop or retreat).

This is my go-to list of yoga studios. Just because a studio isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it’s crap. I just haven’t been there yet!

North of River (NOR)

  • The Yoga Hub– Has some great  general yoga for beginners classes, and Ashtanga for beginners classes.
  • Twisting Peacock– Offering a wide variety of classes. I especially like Twisting Peacock for offering 6am classes that AREN’T Mysore. They also have some lovely restorative yoga classes and Mel is brilliant at delivering Yin classes. The studio has a toasty heating system and a matching sound system! (a little obvious that I love this studio).
  • The Yoga Clinic– Offering early morning Mysore and specialising in yoga therapy. Counselling sessions are also available at this studio.
  • The Yoga Space- Personal fave….this is where I have completed my Yoga Teacher Training. Offering Mysore, pregnancy yoga, Vinyassa, Yin, and community based workshops.
  • Open House Yoga– A new studio with a very experienced teacher. I haven’t managed to get there yet, but it is on the top of my list. Offering Mysore, Vinyassa, Slow Flow, workshops and a Yoga book club!
  • Surya Health– Chandrika Gibson specialises in Yoga Therapy for health conditions, but also has a variety of classes on offer. A very experienced yoga teacher, who is so so passionate at what she does!
  • Power Living- There’s a couple of studios in Perth (one also south of the river). Power Living have so many classes on offer that I would be surprised if you couldn’t find a time that suits you. Many of their classes are heated; and they also offer a great sound system too. They also have Pilates classes too!
  • Yab Yum Yoga- Such a funky crew here. I call this my ‘hispter’ studio, and where all the cool kids hang. I wish I could visit them more, but it just hits the too far to travel spot. I love their Deep House Vinyassa classes!
  • Sukha Yoga– Lara offers a permanent weekly class every Monday night (please check if still the same). Such lovely flows, with a sprinkle of chanting and Yogic Philosophy. Lara sometimes will offer an extra class here and there (best to be on her mailing list, then you never miss out).
  • The Yoga Corner- Established yoga studio with experienced teachers and a community to match. So many classes to choose from- Mums and bubs, Slow Gentle yoga and kid’s yoga.
  • Vital Beat Yoga– With flows, Yin, Mums & Bubs, Kid’s yoga, Hip Hop yoga (yes please!), so much to offer in 2 locations- Midland and Edgewater.
  • The Wellness Studio– Well known for urban yoga. Intimate space for Yin, Vinyassa Flow and Gentle yoga.

South of the River (SOR)

  • The Yoga Lab– I’ve only just recently been to the Yoga Lab (for a workshop). Great vibe and extra special since it is upstairs from Raw Kitchen (too good to be true!). Shawn has a great reputation in the Perth Yoga community. Also great tunes and experienced teachers.
  • Spanda School- So on my hit list! I just never get the chance to get there. Spanda School has a lovely range of classes including Cacao Ceremonies and Day retreats.
  • Kookaburra Yoga- Another amazing yoga school. I plan to participate in one of their day yoga retreats soon.
  • Beacon Yoga Centre– Also an Ashram. You can fully immerse yourself into everything that is Yoga at this centre. Offering Kirtan, Yoga Philosophy, meditation, yoga classes and week long retreats.
  • Yoga Shala– A beautiful studio providing Shadow yoga and Kundalini Yoga. All levels are offered from beginners to more advanced.

If you know of any great yoga studio and you want me to add them to the list, please let me know!

Still not sure what kind of yoga that you are looking for? Drop me a line, and I will do my best to match you to your perfect studio!

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