About the Doc

Meet Dr. Marizelle, the Naturopath
Dr. Marizelle attended a 4-year Naturopathic Medical school in North East, US.  She is educated in all the same manner as an MD/DO but has completed studies in holistic and non-toxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis in prevention. 
Dr. Mari's passion is optimizing wellness, for adults and children of all ages, by using her understanding of Nature and maximizing the body's own natural healing capabilities. 
Opposite to conventional ideology, there is never a focus on the diagnosis, disease, or micro-organism.  The focus of her practice is on the patient and the balance of the internal and external environments. This is called the TERRAIN IDEOLOGY of health.
Dr. Mari's knowledge base includes, and not limited to:
the use of herbs and supplements, ancestral nutrition, hydrotherapy, European Biological medicine, Homeopathy, counseling, Applied kinesiology, Iridiology, Pleomorphism, and Rife Energy systems.
Visit WWW.TERRAINDOCTOR.COM to find out more about her.